#TeamSeas Fundraiser Event

#TeamSeas Fundraiser Event

Hey there everyone!

Today, we're happy to announce the HibiscusMC TeamSeas fundraiser event. Everyone who shows a receipt/proof of donating any amount will receive TWO exclusive cosmetic items when the server re-releases. Read more about this event & what #TeamSeas is below.

What is #TeamSeas?

#TeamSeas is a collaborative fundraiser project run by YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober as a follow-up to Team Trees. The goal is to remove 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean, where one pound is equal to one US Dollar.

When/how will I receive my reward?

To receive your reward, create a ticket in our discord server, tell us your Minecraft username, and show any proof of doing. The Minecraft Server is not currently open to the public - so you will receive your cosmetics once it opens.

How long does this event last?

This event lasts until the official end of the fundraiser on the TeamSeas FAQ page. (January 1st, 2022, at Midnight Pacific Time). These cosmetics will never be available again once the fundraiser ends!

TeamSeas Donation Page: https://teamseas.org

HibiscusMC Discord: https://hibiscusmc.com/discord