Our biggest announcement!

Our biggest announcement!

Hey there everyone! πŸ‘‹

We've been radio silent for a long time, but we're finally ready to announce our newest project! (Drumroll, please! πŸ₯)

HibiscusMC Survival

HibiscusMC Survival is our own unique take on survival Minecraft. We've added over 100 custom items to the game, including blocks, mobs, furniture, food, cosmetics, and more!


Our current lineup of furniture includes over 30 different unique items, perfect for decorating your home. Additionally, some items can be dyed using any color of the rainbow. 🌈

Furniture Shop


Using some fancy resource pack magic, we've created three different types of cosmetics. Hats, Backpacks, and Offhand Cosmetics. Using all the different items we have, there are hundreds of possible combinations.

Cosmetics System Preview

Custom World Features

Not only have we added several different blocks & furniture items you can craft, but we have also added new ores that spawn throughout the world! Currently, the list of blocks which naturally spawn is low, but we will add more over time.

  • Limestone
  • Frozen Stone
  • Mud
  • Onyx Ore
  • Ruby Ore
  • And much more to come!

Custom Mobs

Included in our survival world will be some new mobs, like the Frog!


Frogs are awesome little creatures that have many features. First off, they love to eat dragonflies & butterflies, just as real frogs do! They also drop slime balls and a small amount of experience.

Custom Items, Tools, & Armor

Not only have we added blocks, furniture, cosmetics, and even mobs, but we have also added new items.

We're not announcing all of them (yet!), or all of their features, however, here's a small list:

  • Grave Tokens
  • Repair Cogs
  • Grappling Hooks
  • Safari Nets
  • 4 Armor Sets
  • 2 Tool Sets
  • And so much more!

This project started in August 2021 and has undergone several iterations and changes. We're finally at the point where we can confidently say a beta will be released by March 31st, 2022.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

🌺 HibiscusMC

Disclaimer about everything shown on this page:

Because these are images are sneak-peeks, and the server is not completely finished, items, blocks, mobs, and other assets may be changed or removed at any point.