HibiscusMC Spring 2022 Update


šŸ‘‹ Hello everyone!
It's been a crazy 2 weeks, we just opened the server on April 1st but we already have a community and have received tons of feedback, suggestions, and bug reports. This project has been in the works for so long and all of our team members are so excited to see their work coming to life.
With that said, let's get into this week's update!

15% Store Sale

We currently are running a 15% store-wide sale, so you can buy anything for 15% off. This is a great time to start a collection of Wraps, like the limited edition easter wraps.

Easter Egg Event

Easter eggs! You can now find easter eggs around the Resource World. Punch them to receive a random tier (1-3) easter egg and then right-click to obtain some random loot, like the new chocolate bar food!

Task Scrolls

Task scrolls are a new mechanic which allows you to complete different tasks for prizes. To get started, you can run /scrolls on the server and purchase a scroll. You will get various different tasks (mine x block, kill x mob, solve the riddle, etc), and once you finish all of them you will get some prizes based on what type of scroll it was!


As an addition to our collection of cosmetic items like hats and backpacks, we have now added Item Wraps. Wraps can be applied to your items using /wraps and can be obtained from cosmetic crates and the Fern NPC at spawn.

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Wraps have no competitive advantage and are purely cosmetic.

Chat Games

Small games will now randomly appear in chat - you will be able to earn prizes like coins, points, XP, and more!

Jester Cosmetics


Upon popular request, we have added some new emojis:

Spot the new ones!

Other Changes & Fixes

  • Mobs no longer drop money
  • Ghosts now spawn significantly less
  • Ghosts now have a larger hitbox
  • Perches & Platypuses no longer spawn in caves
  • Furniture can now be placed on custom blocks
  • Couches & Benches can now be used by multiple people
  • Improved texture of lyre cosmetic
  • Only commands you have access to will tab-complete now