SMP Update v1.8

Border expansion, QOL Tweaks, and more! Join with IP

SMP Update v1.8

Hey there everyone! After a day of world generation for border expansion, HibiscusMC SMP v1.8 is ready. New features include:

  • Ability to find all 1.17 features (amethyst geodes, new ores, etc)
  • Vote Parties! Everyone gets a reward once we hit 25 votes. /vote
    Possible Rewards:
    - Money
    - Hats from our Hats Pack
    - Items (diamonds, iron, steak, etc.)
  • Emojis! Type /emojis to see all of the ones you have available.
  • Fancy new escape menu

Other things

  • Fixed issue with Planter enchantments not working
  • Fixed issue with enchantment descriptions showing an odd character.
  • Fixed the formatting of some messages.
  • OG Tag is now implemented into our resource pack
  • Added a scoreboard (type /sb to toggle)
  • Chat Games has been re-made with 1,000 new words and 50+ trivia questions.
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