šŸ“• General Information

At HibiscusMC, we believe in promoting a healthy community. This means we use automated systems & real staff members (identified by an in-game prefix) to moderate server activity.

Our staff reserve the right to punish players at their discretion, if the situation calls for it.

šŸ’œ Community

Our #1 rule is to be kind to other players. We ask that you do not disrespect, harass, or troll any players. People are here to have fun, and it isn't fair to ruin it for them.

šŸŽ® Cheating

You cannot use tools like x-ray, hacked clients, or mods that give you an unfair advantage.

A note on PVP Clients like Lunar and Badlion:
Both of these clients are allowed, but we may use their respective APIs to disable specific features that we deem necessary. All clients that are not distributed by Mojang are used at your own risk.

šŸŒ Other

To keep our community safe, we ask that you do NOT:

  • Advertise Minecraft Servers, Discord Servers, and other communities outside of HibiscusMC

  • Discuss real-world politics or political figures

šŸ“• SMP-Specific Rules

All of our other rules (shown above) still apply.


PvP (Player versus Player) is not allowed except when both parties are okay with it.

Personal Space

We ask that you keep a reasonable distance between other player's claims so everyone has room to expand.

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