Nether Update

Nether Update

Hello everyone!

It's that time of the week again! Today, we're releasing the Nether Update. Continue reading to hear more!

New Mobs - Warped Fungus & Crimson Ant

Our first nether mobs, the Warped Fungus & Crimson Ant! Crimson Ants aren't the most sociable creatures, they will attack you if you come near and will occasionally burn you. However, Crimson Ants drop Chitin and Nether Souls. Warped Fungi are slightly friendlier, and will only attack you if you attack them first.

Chitin Armor

Chitin Armor is one of our most special armors, as we've completely reworked our custom armor system to have several new abilities. While wearing a chitin chestplate, you will receive permanent fire resistance.

Other Changes

  • Added Nether RTP Menu
  • Added Fire Lord Cosmetics
  • Added "Tripwire" (used so you can limit plants from growing/placing carpets / etc).
  • Improved furniture
  • Fixed ghost block issue with custom blocks
  • Internal changes to the resource pack
  • Fixed spawners turning into pig spawners