HibiscusMC - Reimagined

HibiscusMC is proud to announce HibiscusMC: Reimagined, a multiplayer server for Minecraft: Java Edition. Coming soon.

HibiscusMC - Reimagined

Hello everyone!

As you may know, the server has been quite dormant for a while. Our team noticed that while our core server concept was great, there was much to improve. So we went back to the drawing board and decided to re-imagine HibiscusMC. Today, we're proud to give you a teaser of what's in store.

Hibiscus Archipelago

Hibiscus Archipelago is our new spawn, rebuilt from the ground up to fit with our unique style. You start on the main island, the largest of them all, but you'll find more pop up over time! ✈️


One of our new flagship features - Dungeons. Talk to the NPC within The Depths at spawn for information on how they work, and how to obtain a Dungeon Key. ⛓️



Our V1 implementation of cosmetics was nice - although we've now improved it significantly and you'll be noticing this while you play. 👒


Chat Improvements

Socializing is a key aspect of any multiplayer game. Our new chat system allows you to @Mention players, and tab-complete emojis, plus it improves private messaging (/msg).

Tab-completable emojis. 😎

And so much more.

We can't reveal all our content yet! Over the coming weeks, we'll be releasing new teasers, blog posts, and development updates.

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At this time, we are unable to provide an ETA on a final release. We expect to have a closed beta within the next few months. Our email subscribers will be the first to hear news about this beta. Subscribe below! ⬇️