Forest Revamp Update

Forest Revamp Update

Hey there everyone!

Today we are releasing one of our most exciting updates yet - the Forest Revamp update. This update brings the framework for us to create tons of new things. Structures, flowers, advanced custom mobs, and much more that we can't announce yet!


Our newest addition to our "custom items" universe - Custom flowers! You'll now be able to find a few different flowers scattered throughout the world:

  • Moss/Tall Moss
  • Slated Fungus
  • Light Blue Tree Petals
  • White Tree Petals
  • Light Blue Petals
  • Pink Petals


What kind of forest is complete without new animals? This update adds 3 new creatures:

  • Bear
    Furry friends that spawn in forests. They like to fish for salmon in nearby bodies of water, shed fur, sleep, and can even be fed honeycomb!
  • Crow
    Pests that like to eat wheat from your farms. Will spawn in plains biomes & deserts.


Added 5 new furniture items!

  • Picnic Table
  • Globe
  • Coffee Tray
  • Chopped Wood
  • Oak Tree Stump


  • Leaf Backpack

World Generation Changes

  • Fallen birch logs now spawn in birch forest biomes.
  • Fallen oak logs now spawn in forest biomes.
  • Flower buds occasionally spawn on oak & birch leaves
  • Petals now spawn on the ground of birch forest biomes.

Other Changes

  • Butterflies now spawn in groups.
  • Improved custom mob framework (we're now able to do many new & exciting things!)
  • Improved some things related to custom items
  • Leaves will randomly fall from trees (visual only)